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Plas LLanddyfnan

Plas Llanddyfnan on Anglesey

On this page you will find links telling the stories of the important families and houses of Anglesey in North Wales. Families on Anglesey that once held the power, like the Griffiths, Paget, Meyrick, Wynne, Pritchard-Rayner, and Morris families for example. We will be adding many more pages to this section in the future - as time permits.

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Sadly we have been refused permission - for security reasons - to photograph Bodorgan Hall. I do understand, but this estate is so very important in Anglesey's history, being the seat of the historically important Meyrick family, and the largest estate on Anglesey. I would really appreciate if anyone out there could let me have any photographs that they may have in their possession, or if the current estate owners - headed by Sir George Meyrick - could intervene. Please email me here.

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