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Bird Watching on Anglesey.

Common Buzzard on Anglesey

A Common Buzzard - abundant on Anglesey

Anglesey has enormously variable natural resources of birdlife on the island, not least because of its many lakes, rocky shoreline, sand dunes, and farmland. Many are resident, and others just infrequent visitors, but if you like to spend time bird watching, then Anglesey will provide. Whilst taking photos of Menai tubular bridge in December, I was privileged to see a little egret, which was nesting on the Menai Straits.

It seems that such an abundance of blue tits are being born that there is a shortage of nesting places for them. You are urged to erect a bird box or such like in your garden to offer a nesting place for some of them. They can eat up to 100 times a day, and do away with many caterpillars, one of the gardeners arch enemies. So you may well be doing your garden a favour at the same time.!!

There are many raptors (birds of prey) on Anglesey, and on any journey along the A55 dual carriageway you are very likely to see a kestrel hovering, or a common buzzard looking for prey - or being chased by crows.

Ellin's Tower - near Holyhead
A wonderful hide looking over to the South Stack lighthouse, and out to sea. Its location makes it a safe place to view birds nesting on the cliffs below. Within a few hundred yards of Ty Mawr hut circles, a 4000 year old settlement.

Ellins Tower, South Stack

Ellins Tower, South Stack, Holyhead

Ellins Tower, South Stack, Holyhead

Ellins Tower, South Stack, Holyhead

Lake Cefni - near the village of Bodffordd.
A great place for Bird watching. An abundant number of birds, both on the water and in the surrounding trees. Whilst taking the following photos, a Kingfisher startled and flew right past me, the azure blue streak took my breath away.

View over Llyn (Lake) Cefni

View over Llyn (Lake) Cefni

See the fabulous bird watching page on Llyn Alaw reservoir. Click here  Llyn Alaw.

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