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Caernarfon The Anglesey

Caernarfon The Anglesey Arms Hotel

Caernarfon The Castle 2005

Caernarfon The Castle

Caernarfon The Harp 2005

Caernarfon The Harp

Caernarfon War Memorial

Caernarfon War Memorial


North Wales Photos.

High resolution photographs of Caernarfon (Page 2) in Gwynedd.

Caernarfon War Memorial Dragon

Caernarfon - Dragon atop the War Memorial

Since taking most of these photographs of Caernarfon back in 2005 substantial work has been done to and around the marina, resulting - in my opinion - in an improvement to the front. It is now a pleasant place to go for a drink and / or a meal and the choice of taking it indoors or out is yours.

Caernarfon Post Office

Caernarfon Post Office

Caernarfon Presbyterian Church 2005

Caernarfon Presbyterian Church

Caernarfon Prince of Wales Hotel 2005

Caernarfon Prince of Wales Hotel

Caernarfon Page 1



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Caernarfon Marina Close up 2005

Caernarfon Marina

Caernarfon Marina Old Winch

Caernarfon Marina Old Winch

Caernarfon Market Square

Caernarfon Market Square

Caernarfon Paternoster Buildings

Caernarfon Paternoster Buildings


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