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Walks on the Island of Anglesey in North Wales.

Anglesey is ideally suited for walkers. There are few places on Anglesey where walking would be a great challenge. Anglesey is predominantly a flat island, with a few exceptions, e.g. Holyhead Mountain.

The picturesque beauty of our island leaves a lasting impression, and walking on Anglesey is one of the nicest activities I can imagine.

The lake at Cefni

The view from the walk at Llyn Cefni in Bodffordd

Walking beside Llyn (Lake) Cefni - situated in the village of Bodffordd, just 1 mile from Llangefni. Do take a picnic, as there is enough distance to cover walking around the lake as to miss a meal - or two.

Another great walk is around the lake at Llyn Alaw. Pretty easy to find on any map of Anglesey.

View over Llyn Alaw

The view from the walk at Llyn Alaw on Anglesey

Recent years has seen the developement of the Breakwater Quarry in Holyhead, and this will be of interest to walkers at all levels. Exquisite scenery abounds. Includes walks around the shores, and if you are feeling energetic, mountain walks. A man made lake is home to a good deal of wildlife.

breakwater Park View

One view from the Breakwater Park in Holyhead

There are many books on the subject suggesting favourite walks etc, and some of the most popular are listed below :-
Family Walks on the Isle of Anglesey by Laurence Main.
Walking Anglesey's Coastline by John Merrill.
Walking the Anglesey Coast by Jan Harris.
Coastal Walks around Anglesey by Carl Rogers.
Arm yourself with one of the above books and start walking.

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