Beaumaris Castle Church Fete 1904

Beaumaris, on the Island of Anglesey in North Wales, is the location of the last castle in Wales built by King Edward 1st. The building began in 1295, but it was never finished. Beaumaris Castle is in remarkably good condition. The castle is actually in the town centre, which makes it convenient for parking, eating, drinking, and sightseeing. Beaumaris was once one of the most important ports in Wales, and also was an important centre of trade.

The author believes that St Mary’s church in the town was designed by the same architect that built the castle – James of St George. St Mary’s Church houses the stone sarcophagus of Joan, daughter of King John and wife of Llewellyn, Prince of Wales.

With its pre-Victorian jail and quaint little shops, Beaumaris is an interesting place to visit for anyone living in or visiting Anglesey.

Beaumaris boasts several early buildings, including a townhouse dated from the early 15th century, reputed to be one of the oldest houses still standing in Wales.

The George and Dragon public house on a side street off the main street of Beaumaris is dated 1410. I doubt whether there are many inns in Wales that would be very much older. This pub must have seen some ale downed in its time. I dare say that in the days of smuggling on Anglesey many a nod and a wink were exchanged over the bar here?

Beaumaris also boasts a 17th century Court House, which was built in 1614, and still stands right there in the square, next to a public house – which I dare say was the reason many of the `accused` appeared in the court in the first place. There is also a Victorian Gaol in the town, now open to the public, where you may see an original treadmill.

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