Bull Bay Windmill

Melin Y Pant on the Isle of Anglesey (Ynys Môn) in North Wales.

Bull Bay, Melin Y Pant Windmill – contemporary Wall and Barn.

Little is known about the origin or date of this windmill, only that it had probably stopped working by the 1880s. Probably the smallest of Anglesey’s Windmills that I have seen, this windmill would unlikely have ground corn and possibly may have been used to drive mechanisms on this farm.

When I photographed the Mill in November of 2009 I reached the conclusion that without intervention it might be just a pile of stones within the next ten years. Alongside the Mill is a farm building that was probably a barn, or possibly stables and my guess would be that a building date somewhere in the 18th century would be about right.

O.S. Coordinates: SH416942.

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