Holyhead County School War Memorials

Holyhead, County School, WWI War Memorial to ex Pupils.

In the assembly hall of the Holyhead Secondary School, known locally as County School, there are – proudly displayed – memorials to the fallen of World War One (WWI) and World War Two (WWII), and also a memorial to David Williams, of the Welsh Guards Regiment, who lost his life on the Royal Fleet Auxiliary landing ship – the Sir Galahad – during the Falklands War in 1982.

There is a memorial to Wendy Martin aged 15, who lost her life in 1995 through meningitis, and another to Leon Jones, tragically stabbed to death in 2009.

There are also lists of ex-pupils who have excelled – mainly in sport – recorded on the Hall of Fame boards. It is good that the present pupils know of the good things that have happened to ex-pupils, as well as remembering the tragedies that befell pupils who had been sent to fight these wars.

There are – in particular – two names on the WWI plaque above that merit a special mention, those of Captain Alexander Mackay of the Royal Fusiliers Regiment who was awarded the Military Cross for bravery, and Captain John Fox-Russell, awarded both the Military Cross and the Victoria Cross – he had served with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and the Royal Army Medical Corps.

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