Môna Car Boot on Anglesey, North Wales

Môna Car Boot – Môna Showground

Môna car boot has become an institution here on Anglesey. The sheer numbers and diversity of stalls make this a must be there occasion. Bargains galore and an all year round opportunity to meet friends.

Mona isn’t just a car boot, it is also a market place, where one can buy meat, vegetables, timber, garden furniture and plants, and a host of products one would rarely see in the town. There are several mobile cafes and hamburger vans etc. Of course, in the summer there are ice cream vans to boot! Why not get rid of your unwanted items and do a boot yourself – the money will be useful. Even if you can’t do a boot yourself, come and get yourself a bargain.

Mona Car Boot is open each and every Sunday – 52 weeks a year. Don`t forget, even if it rains we are open in the large indoor shed.

Mona Car Boot Address and Postcode

Anglesey Showground, Gwalchmai, Anglesey, LL65 4RW

Information about Mona Car Boot Sale in Anglesey

The Mona Car Boot Sale in Anglesey has a public group on Facebook with around 8,000 members. The group appears to be a platform for people to discuss various items for sale, including retro and vintage furniture. However, the detailed information is not accessible without logging into Facebook. Additional search results indicate that the Mona Car Boot Sale is open every Sunday throughout the year. Sellers usually arrive at 7:00 am. The event also has an indoor shed that remains open even when it rains.

Additional Information about Mona Car Boot

  1. Diversity of Stalls: The Mona Car Boot Sale is not just about second-hand items; it’s a marketplace where you can buy fresh produce, timber, and even garden furniture. How does this diversity attract different types of visitors?
  2. Year-Round Operation: Being open 52 weeks a year offers a consistent opportunity for both buyers and sellers. How does this affect the dynamics of the marketplace?
  3. Food and Refreshments: The presence of mobile cafes and hamburger vans adds a social aspect to the event. How important is this for the overall experience?

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