Cemaes Bay

Cemaes Bay (Porth Wygyr). A seaside town on Anglesey, in North Wales.

Cemaes Bay – The Creek and Harbour

Cemaes Bay is a small village on the north tip of Anglesey. Historically, it housed a fishing fleet, boat building, and was a busy small port.

The 5th-century Llanbadrig church is nearby said to have actually been founded by St Patrick after he was shipwrecked nearby. Once the parish church, but due to the remote location, a new St Padrig’s Church has been built in the village.

The Magnox run Nuclear Power Station is not too far away – there is an aerial photograph below.

There is a small but interesting high street in the village, and a small central park to relax. Just a short walk from the high street and you are on the beach.

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