Birds in Anglesey

Birds on the Island of Anglesey – Ynys Mon

Common Buzzard on Anglesey

There are an abundance and great variety of birds both native and occasional visitors to the Isle of Anglesey, some quite rare, others common, but each in their own way beautiful. Again, I am no expert on wildlife, just someone who likes taking photographs of the creatures we share this world with. As with all photos on this website; please click on the image to see a high-resolution copy. Choose a page from the below to see more photographs of birds on Anglesey. Please enjoy.


There are many species of Duck on the Island of Anglesey, mainly located on the several lakes (but also to be seen on the sea near the coast) like Llyn (Lake) Alaw and Llyn Cefni, and also on the many nature reserves like Penrhos Nature Reserve and

The Common Buzzard

The Common Buzzard of the raptor family (birds of prey) are in abundance on the Isle of Anglesey and will be seen often, whether in the countryside or when driving along the roads. Normally they will be hovering above some unsuspecting prey, and often they are seen

The Blackbird

Blackbirds on the Isle of Anglesey are in abundance, as they are in most parts of the United Kingdom, and yet they are such beautiful birds we often dismiss them, choosing to look for the rarer more exotic of species.