Buckley (Bwcle) in North Wales

Buckley ( Bwcle in Welsh) was built up around the coal, brick-making and pottery industries, and even though coal production had all but stopped by the mid-1930’s the brick and pottery industries were still going VERY strong – long after the last colliery in Buckley was shut.

As one local – Andrew Parker – said:

“Looking back to my childhood I can only recall about 5 coal pits. The one that sticks in my mind is Mountain Colliery as the train tracks for it used to run through where my parent’s kitchen is. I used to cross Church road, down from St Matthew’s Church, to the old railway crossing gates and along where the old lines ran to the colliery itself. In fact, I remember playing on the old pit head works when going to and from school, Mountain Lane Primary.

What I do recall are the great many clay pits when I was younger. Mostly the Mount which was around the back of the estate. It was one of many that were flooded. Many friends and I used to swim, canoe, play and fish in them.

But I think the biggest one was Lane End works, and I do believe that it has shut down in recent years but if you look at a map from the sixties you will see that most of the CLAY pits are in a line, from Lane End to the Mount, Polio, the Adders (long filled in with the landfill site) the Globe and so forth.”

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