Photo Gallery of Churches on the Island of Anglesey in North Wales

Amlwch, St Elaeths Church

Because of the remote location of so many of Anglesey’s Churches – especially the old churches that are now abandoned – I would say I must be one of a very few people who has ever seen (and touched) them all. Particularly with the older, more remote churches, I found it necessary to resort to ordnance survey maps. Some, like Gwredog Church, were quite an adventure in the finding – and extremely rewarding once found. 

There are only a few churches that are dedicated to female Saints, and Anglesey is no exception. I have spent over two years taking these photographs of Anglesey churches, and spoken to many helpful and interesting people along the way. It is my intention – the Lord and time permitting – to one day write a book that includes them all, and to tell some interesting stories that go along with the history of Anglesey Churches.

Llanfihangel yn Nhowyn Church – St Michael’s

Last but not least of the Anglesey churches are the ones shown below. My journey through Anglesey in search of these churches, sometimes armed with ordnance survey maps dating nearly a hundred years old, has been one of great enjoyment and satisfaction. It is not over yet, and it may never be – I hope not anyway. Most of Anglesey’s Churches are dedicated to Saint Mary or St Michael. Many, however, are dedicated to Celtic Saints. These are little-known saints, many of Irish origin, and it can be difficult to find out much about them.

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