Henblas Country Park on the Island of Anglesey

This is one of Anglesey’s most popular attractions for an enjoyable day out. Henblas Country Park has much to offer all ages, with a range of animals on display, timed displays – my favourite was a sheepdog display – but the dog was herding ducks, making them do all manner of tricks and culminating in herding them up steps leading to a slide that deposits the ducks in a pond. Click on any image to see full size.

There are numerous rides for children both undercover and outdoors, and things to do that include face painting and pottery painting for example. With many farm animals to see and touch the children will be fascinated.

Henblas Tractor Rides

For the adults, there is a cafe with cream teas and much more, including an indoor dining room, and a seated area outside, where you can relax whilst the children enjoy themselves.

Henblas Country Park also has its very own ancient monument, probably between 3,000 and 5,000 years old, and they will even take you to see it on one of the tractor rides. One of the largest burial chambers on Anglesey, I know because I have seen most of them.

Henblas Burial Chamber with Snowdonia mountain range as a backdrop The view of the Snowdonia Mountains from the Henblas burial chamber

At the entrance to the park, there is a mediaeval Tithe barn, well worth adding to your list of must-take photographs.

I really don’t know what the significance of the Totem Pole is.

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