Holywell Band

Holywell in North Wales derives its name from the holy well of St Winefride’s (real name Gwenfrewi – a Welsh Nun in the 7th century. Her being was since proved from historical facts). The water from the well is said to possess miraculous healing powers, and people have travelled thousands of miles just to bathe in the waters. A church has stood on the same spot as the existing church since the 11th century, and probably since the time of Winefride. Holywell is known as the Lourdes of Wales.

The old images on these pages are certainly not high resolution, but as the contributor is no longer with us I still believe them worthy of viewing.

At St Winefride’s Holy Well in Holywell, the visitor centre houses hundreds of Victorian pairs of crutches said to have been left by the crippled who were cured by the waters there. We present here images of Holywell town that we hope will be of interest to all of our visitors.

Holywell town itself is a lovely place to visit, so peaceful and laid back. In its pedestrian-only surroundings, you can enjoy a drink outside a variety of establishments. A wonderful place to book into accommodation and put up your feet.

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