Kingsland in Holyhead, Anglesey

A close-up of the now derelict Colosseum Nightclub (also known as ‘Pinkies’) and once the Sunnyside Snooker Club at Kingsland, Holyhead 19th March 2006.

The people of the town will be glad to hear that the eyesores they have endured for so long at Kingsland may soon be reduced to rubble. It has been announced that the derelict buildings that once were the Colosseum Nightclub (which once was Sunnyside Snooker Club), the old Crossville building, and the not so old retail units, are to replaced by a new hotel.

I am sure that this news will be heartily greeted by all, not only because the hotel will replace these dilapidated buildings, but also because the new hotel at Kingsland will create much needed new jobs. You will see what I mean (about being an eyesore) by viewing the photos below:

Nearby is the old National School and School House, a part of Holyhead’s heritage:

By December 2006 the demolition work was proceeding:

By May 2007 work on the new hotel is well underway:

By August 2007 the Travelodge Hotel is nearing completion and this area of Kingsland’s returns to having a look of respectability.

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