Menai Bridge Water Mill

Felin Tysilio Woolen Mill on the Isle of Anglesey (Ynys Môn) in North Wales.

There is far more to this site than just the story of the woollen mill, in fact, the complex of buildings here – comprising of a smithy, a cottage or two, and an inn, was, in fact, the original hamlet of Porth Aethwy – now also known as Menai Bridge.

Later, a woollen mill and a slate-writing boards (for schoolchildren) factory were built on the site. It is from this place that one caught the ferry to cross back and forth over the Menai Straits. This was known as the ‘Bishop’s Crossing’ as the Bishop of Bangor Cathedral would cross from his house on the Anglesey side of the Straits back to the mainland. The cottage on the right in the photograph immediately above was built in 1604 and was once an inn. It was from this inn that you purchased the ticket for the ferry ride.

O.S. Coordinates: SH559729.

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