Ty Mawr Standing Stone

Ty Mawr standing stone and Anglesey Aluminium Holyhead

Sometimes referred to as the Trefignath Standing Stone because of its close proximity to the Trefignath burial chambers. I found it easy to access this by parking on the road at the entrance to Holyhead Leisure Centre. Across the road is a field with a sign for a public footpath. Crossing the stile, I kept to the right-hand hedge and walked to the end of it. I turned right and walked for about 100 yards to the brow of the land, and the stone was directly in front of me in clear view. The stone is about 8 foot in height and resembles the texture of a marshmallow that you have twisted a couple of times between both sets of fingers and thumbs. Very spiral in effect. Views to differing sides include Holyhead Mountain, Anglesey Aluminium, and the Holy Island countryside.

Since the above article was written, major works in the area uncovered several roundhouses and a longhouse. Finds yielded 6,000-year-old axe heads, flint tools, jet and other stone tools. Sadly the site was cleared after archaeological investigations. I will be posting lots of photographs on the page Ty Mawr Settlement.

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