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A collection of poetry from you. To start us off I will post a couple that I have written over the years for my own pleasure: Sharing Troubles.When trouble finds me, I need to say a prayer,I speak to my God, and he’s always there.I look towards

Family History

Research your Family History on Anglesey Researching your family history on Anglesey could not be easier, as all the resources are kept under one roof at Llangefni Archives. The address is County Record Office, Shire Hall, Glanhwfa Road, Llangefni LL77 7TW. Phone 01248 752080. Hours Mon-Fri 9am-1pm

Walks on the Island of Anglesey

Anglesey is ideally suited for walkers. There are few places on Anglesey where walking would be a great challenge. Anglesey is predominantly a flat island, with a few exceptions, e.g. Holyhead Mountain. The picturesque beauty of our island leaves a lasting impression, and walking on Anglesey is

Town Markets on Anglesey

We are a little short on markets here on Anglesey, in fact, there are just three on the entire island. Llangefni has a decent market with quite a wide variety of goods for sale. It is quite impossible to take a photo of the complete market, but

Fishing on the Island of Anglesey

There are many places to fish on Anglesey, both for the sea angler and the coarse fisherman. With several lakes originally formed during the ice age, and the two largest lakes man-made. These two lakes are Llyn (Lake) Alaw and Llyn Cefni. A visit to Lake Cefni

Cycling on the Island of Anglesey

There are several bike routes on Anglesey, with dedicated cycling lanes in many parts. There are also four organised cycle routes, each named after birds (in welsh) which are mainly on country roads but do occasionally cross an A or a B road. The starting points are

Car Boots on Anglesey

There are some great car boots on Anglesey, with most starting up from April onwards. During the summer there are several car boots. The most reliable and the largest on Saturdays and Bank Holidays is at Benllech. Grab a bargain. Benllech is open on a Saturday and