Red Wharf Bay Lime Kiln

Red Wharf Bay Lime Kiln is on the Isle of Anglesey (Ynys Môn) in North Wales.

Red Wharf Bay, The Lime Kiln

Many people believe that the house that incorporates a mill like structure at Red Wharf Bay was another windmill conversion, because of the similar shape and size. I have added it here purely to correct that misgiving. This is a particularly nice example of the conversion – in the 1950s – of a former Lime Kiln, into a very tasteful dwelling. The part that looks like it might have been a windmill would possibly have been the kiln chimney.

Limekilns were quite abundant between 1750 and 1850, mostly due to the demand for building mortar. Lime from these kilns was also used on the land to break up clay and in iron and steel production. Most of us would know that many houses were once lime-washed, but there are many other practical uses for lime-like being used in cesspits, where it would aid decomposition, and kill germs. In fact, lime was used as a medicine, in lead mining, in the leather industry (to remove hide hair), and also used as a bleach.

Limekilns – for logistical and financial reasons – were generally built close to the supply of limestone and to a supply of fuel.

O.S. Coordinates: SH522811.

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